Financial statements and reporting are a vital necessity for any business or organization, private or public sector, across all industries of the economy. Independent assurance from a Chartered Professional Accountant will make certain that your financial information is accurate, presented in a fair manner, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

The financial statements of an organization could be used or required by a diverse group of possible stakeholders: current and potential shareholders or investors, suppliers, bankers, government organizations, or for internal use. The signature of a CPA will give these statements credibility, and instill confidence in their use, whatever the purpose.

Depending on your needs and requirements, Howatt Group can provide two difference levels of service for financial statement reporting and analysis: Reviews and Compilations.


A Review Report is not as extensive as an audit, but still provides what is defined as a “plausible level of assurance”. A review is performed in accordance with generally accepted review standards and consists of enquiry, analytical procedures, and discussion with management. A review is often an acceptable form of financial reporting when audited statements are not required.


A Compilation Report is a collection of financial statements prepared by a Chartered Professional Accountant with information provided by the client. There is no assurance offered, nor claim of audit or review. You can, however, feel confident in knowing these statements were compiled by an experienced CPA.