Tax Services

Owner-Manager Tax Planning

At Howatt Group Chartered Professional Accountants, we take an integrated approach to owner-manager tax planning, examining both your business and personal tax positions. Taking both into account, we’ll work with you to create the best possible tax strategy designed to make the most of tax saving opportunities while reducing tax expenditures wherever legally possible. We can advise on matters such as compensation packages, income splitting, and retirement and succession planning. You’ll see the difference on your returns, at the office and at home.

Personal Tax Planning

Reducing your personal taxes takes more than just filling out returns. It takes a strategy and a plan: Howatt Group can help you with both. We have extensive experience with personal tax planning, particularly for owner-managers. We can assist in customizing compensation packages, setting up trusts, or advising on retirement, succession and estate planning, all with the goal of minimizing your tax burden.

Corporate Tax Planning

The skills of a Chartered Professional Accountant can truly be utilized when it comes to corporate tax planning. As CPA’s, we know business – and we know taxes. Put the two together…

Howatt Group Chartered Professional Accountants can help you structure (or restructure) your business to maximize tax advantages while minimizing its tax burdens now – and in the future. Specifically, we can prepare your corporate tax returns and ruling requests, offer advice and strategy on how to utilize tax deferrals, improve tax accounting practices, deploy technology, and institute other methods of positioning your business matters to gain the best possible tax returns.

GST/HST Planning & Compliance

Howatt Group offers GST & HST support and service to assist your business or organization. Employing a Chartered Professional Accountant for planning and compliance will ensure that you make timely payments, avoid making overpayments, and will ensure that you are receiving all rebates, exemptions and benefits available. The expertise of a CPA also means that you will be made aware of any new regulations, issue or opportunities that may arise in the future.

Succession and Estate Planning

Without adequate succession and estate planning, in addition to your assets, you might end up passing on a tax burden to your heirs. For owner-mangers, business viability may be compromised or continued family ownership could be jeopardized. Howatt Group Chartered Professional Accountants can provide practical advice and strategies for management succession, tax planning, financial structuring, equity ownership, wealth preservation and wills.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development

If your business or organization is involved with scientific research or experimental development, then you know how important timely and successful filing of eligible claims can be. At Howatt Group, we also understand this importance and have experience in this field. We can save you time and energy and that means more money for your business.